Get Your Wellbeing on Track 

Feeling burned out? Don’t let it affect your future any longer. This challenge will help you get your wellbeing back on track so you can finally be happy, productive and fulfilled at work and life.


5 Life-Changing Lessons for Recovery.


Managing Your Energy

Learn what it means, and how mis-managing it leads to burnout and your unhappiness. Target the smallest most energy draining things in your life and turn it around and turn it off. 


Mastering Your Mindset

Learn the skills to slow down, if not stop completely that compulsive need to keep doing unhealthy things, and how to step-by-step set and enforce healthy boundaries.


Emotional Regulation

Learn what different emotions specifically mean for YOU and how to activate the emotions you want that will feel amazing and create some astounding results in your life! 


Mind Body Engagement

Learn how to STOP the predictable activities you're doing that keep you locked in the state of burnout with simple physical exercises. 


Wellness and Prevention

Learn how to connect and transition from recovery to your wellness practices. Prevent burnout from happening again. Tap into your internal driving motivation to sustainably perform at your peak and feel fulfilled with your work.

What to Expect

Weekly Email Digest Campaign

Keep you on track with an email every week with key lesson notes, and take-aways.

Step By Step Instructional Videos

Join this self-paced program with step-by-step instructions, hand outs and lesson plan.

Skill Building Exercises

Learn and develop specific skills to begin your recovery process and achieve real results.

Group Coaching and Office Hours

Coaching sessions on Zoom to answer specific questions and complete assignments.


I'm Duncan So

I too am a child of corporate burnout after a decade long career as an Engineer. I had an identity crisis and went on my path to search for meaning. Diving deep into the field of human flourishing and systems change leadership, I came back equipped and empowered with new tools to successfully turnaround burnout into a path of empowerment.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you recover from burnout and achieve a career and life of fulfillment. I’ll show you how to you can clear the destructive beliefs, release suppressed emotions and resolve inner conflicts at the root cause of your burnout, so you can feel liberated and alive again.

I'm Board Certified with the Association of Integrative Psychology. I'm a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Mental Emotional Release and Clinical Hypnotherapy.


Kimberly Adams

Cutting out the BS of traditional therapeutic pathways and seeking the most effective and direct approaches to get people into a life they love again. 

As Head of Marketing and Partnerships at the Burnout Recovery Accelerator, I'm dedicated to informing the right path for individual clients to find insights while allowing the unnecessary blocks to fall away. 

I am proud to bring my 15 years in implementing the tools of tech and brand marketing, to an initiative that I deeply appreciate and for which I have personal and professional dedication.

“This 5-part challenge is a game changer. I thought my world was crashing until I found the small nudges that turned my burnout around!” 

Alex B.

“Thanks to this challenge, I’m feeling very optimistic. It feels so good to finally breathe and feel joy again.” 

Sarah M.

“From being on the verge of quitting to a new work-life outlook, this challenge saved me from giving up!” 

Michelle L.

Some Questions You Might Have Stopping You From The Challenge?

Know we're committed to your mental and emotional wellbeing and respect the challenges you might be going through whether it's inside or outside the workplace.  We want to offer you the tools and resources necessary to be happy, productive and at your best. 

I'm totally burned out, now what?

If you feel you're beyond the point of no return and are in need of professional support, book a free confidential consultation with us.

Also check your employee benefits for mental health support. Reach out to your HR team for more details.

Lastly, take the challenge so you can learn and apply the skills to begin the process of recovery.

What if I can't keep up with the schedule?

Don't worry, this is a completely self-paced program.  The email series is there to guide you and keep you accountable.

If you have any questions we have weekly group coaching sessions.

Will my mental health information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. During this challenge, you will not be asked or need to share any personal information with anyone.

We also use HIPPA-compliant systems for all our clinical sessions, so your privacy is in safe hands.

Will I end up quitting my job?

We're totally committed to help you recover from burnout if you're experiencing it.  Know that you're not alone. We are here to provide you the support and resources you need to stay at your workplace and be at your best.

Is completing the assignments necessary?

Doing the assignments will help you apply the tools to start your recovery process. While it's not necessary for the learning, in order to experience the benefits it does require some effort.

If you come across any challenges with the assignments, you can always join our group coaching session or reach out to us by booking a free private consultation.

Can I access the program content after it's over?

Yes, this challenge and all the recordings are an ongoing well-being resource for our wellbeing and recovery community members.  Members can return back to this challenge as a resource anytime.


Get Your Wellbeing Back On Track

Join us for five sessions that will change your life. You’ll learn how to effectively self-regulate and create a solid foundation for your mental and emotional wellbeing to be at your best. Save your spot today.


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